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Do You Enjoy Romance & Powers?

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi, Kate Simses

I always do! 
I'm a huge romantic, so anything with love always catches my interest. 

I also adore stories about special gifts that people have. The stories I write myself all include special powers! 


This book is about a girl who cannot touch. And other people cannot touch her. Not direct skin to skin contact at least. She thinks she is insane, thinks she has some kind of disease because she has never met anyone like her. And everyone else rejected her, even her parents. No one wanted to touch her. However, she meets a boy who can touch her without a problem (and wants to), and so their love story begins. *squeal*



Don't get me wrong though, this isn't JUST about love. The girl has been held captive for 264 days, by a guy who wants to use her for her powers to control everyone and everything. This is a story of survival, of running away, of death and defeat.

There is no frolicking in the fields and nothing about any honeymoons or cake tastings. 


I enjoyed this book. It was very captivating, and held my attention quite well. I will be reading the next two for sure!